Since the start of Oxdog just ten years ago, our focus has been to bring products with innovations that really improve the game and are easy to play and feel the difference. Our mission is to pursuit the perfect balance between technology and functional performance, therefore every small detail makes a big difference. Development is an constant process and that is what makes it so interesting and challenging.

UltimateLight HES

Stick never seen before

“With performance in our mind, we set a new goal ‘that was more or less impossible to reach’ – can we make an amazing light stick never seen before which also has a incredibly fast shaft reaction for its weight? That’s how Ultimatelight HES was born!”

– Joacim Bergström, founder of Oxdog

UltimateLight HES

Ultimatelight HES

Our newest innovation with an extremely light HES – High Energy Shaft and Hyperfast shaft reaction never seen before in this weight level due to our new HP2700 High Pressure carbon.

Available models:
Ultimatelight HES 27 AP 101cm Sweoval MBC2
Ultimatelight HES 27 AP 96cm Sweoval MBC2
Ultimatelight HES 27 AP 101cm Round MBC2
Ultimatelight HES 27 AP 96cm Round MBC2

With totally new blade

“When we started to create the new blade, we and our players have set high demands. Oxdog blades always have to bring some new benefits to the game.

We made a very light blade but also kept very good ball touch which Oxdog always have had. The unique pat.pend double carbon construction gives more stiffness with less weight. We are very happy about result – FSL (FastShootLight) is like the name says, very light shooting blade which has super soft touch and powerful shots.”

– Marko Sompa, founder of Oxdog

UltimateLight HES 27

FSL (FastShootLight)

Ultimatelight HES is one of the lightest sticks in the world all equipped with the new FSL (FastShootLight) MBC2 blade which has a very unique double carbon with new Apricot color.

Maximum lightness with the best features of Avox and OptiLight blades. Great for shooting. Big 9,5 mm concavity for very nice feeling and good ball touch.

“I have tested the blade and given comments from the beginning of development. I really like the result. For me, it’s the perfect balance of ball control and soft touch while at the same time I feel very trustful to hard shots. I know that it’s not easy to put all those parameters in one blade and it is probably the best blade I have played.”

– Nico Salo, captain of Finnish national team

FSL (FastShootLight)

2021/22 collection

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