Oxdog Padel Guide

How do you choose the right padel racket

To choose the right racket can be difficult if you don’t know what you are looking for. In order to choose a suitable racket you have to know the level of your game and what type of player you are.

Four main factors are the shape, balance, weight and material.

Racket attributes and levels

Oxdog’s first padel collection clearly shows why we decided to go into padel. The collection and the products consists of new innovations and a new way of thinking that separates us from other brands. Extensive knowledge and experience in technical products/materials, game improving features and top-notch details are what makes Oxdog products special. Every detail is designed to improve and help your game. The products in the collection are suitable for players at any level, both on and off the court.

Racket Shape Weight Foam Material Balance Attribute Level
Ultimate Pro+ Diamond 370g Hard HES Carbon Top Power Intermediate, Advanced
Ultimate Pro Diamond 365g Medium+ HES Carbon Top Power-Control Intermediate, Advanced
Ultimate Tour Diamond 365g Medium HES Carbon Med Control-Power Intermediate, Advanced
Ultimate Match Diamond 360g Soft HES Carbon Top Control Casual, Intermediate, Advanced
Ultimate Court Diamond 365g Medium Composite Med Control-Power Casual, Intermediate
Hyper Pro Drop 370g Medium+ HES Carbon Top Power-Control Intermediate, Advanced
Hyper Tour Drop 370g Soft HES Carbon Top Control-Power Casual, Intermediate, Advanced
Hyper Match Drop 375g Medium HES Carbon Top Power-Control Casual, Intermediate
Sense Pro Round 365g Medium+ HES Carbon Top Power-Control Intermediate, Advanced
Sense Tour Round 365g Medium HES Carbon Med Control-Power Casual, Intermediate, Advanced
Sense Match Round 365g Soft Composite Med Control-Power Casual, Intermediate

Your playing level

Casual player

In the beginning of padel journey. Plays from time to time, pretty new to a sport.

Intermediate player

Average player. Plays couple times a week, basic sense of the game and knows the shots.

Advanced player

High level player. Good technique, can manage all parts of the game and compete regularly.

Our rackets

Different shapes


High balance. Powerful. Sweet spot is close to the outer edge. Suitable for players with good technique that are looking for a racket that generates power and speed.


Medium balance. Sometimes referred to as a hybrid, mix of the charateristics in the Diamond and the Round. More control and easier to play than the Diamond but still generates power in the attacking play.


Usually referred to as a control racket. Suitable for players at all levels. Control and precision. Sweet spot in the center of the racket.

Diamond – Ultimate family

Oxdog’s innovative diamond collection. The perfect combination of new technology and functional performance that will make you perform on a higher level. PowerRibs on the top of the racket for maximal power and balance.

Ultimate family

Drop – Hyper family

Oxdog’s unique drop shaped racket collection! Well balanced rackets that will help you in the defensive as well as the offensive game. PowerRibs in mid position enlarges the playing surface and increases power.

Hyper family

Round – Sense family

Oxdog’s unique round shape models combines supreme control and power. The round shape with really good balance and control works great in the defensive game and suits the beginner as well as the experienced player. Probably the fastest round racket in the world. PowerRibs in the bottom part of the racket and HES-Carbon adds power/speed in the offensive game.

Sense family


Normally between 340-390g, our rackets are between 360-375g. Light rackets are easier to use and control. Heavier rackets provide more power In the strokes but can be more difficult to handle. You can put additional 8 grams to racket with our RBS – Racket Balance System.


The balance of the racket is determined by how the weight is distributed betweeen the lowest and the highest point. Our rackets have either medium or top balance and it can be fine-tuned with our RBS – Racket Balance System.


The unique HES-Carbon (High Energy System) reacts faster and transfers maximum energy into speed, power and increased durability. Oxdog unique carbon and resin process optimize the fibers performance.

Game changing innovations

Take a look at the technology behind our rackets

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