Technical specifications –

Technical specifications


Super Light Shaft

Light shaft construction with stiffness in the right places, 12% shaft weight reduction. Perfect balance and snappy shots.


New extreme superlight materials made by blow moulding & vacuum pre-preg manufacturing.

Blow Moulded

Technical shafts in High Performance Handmade Carbon material


Pre-woven fabric shaft in Carbon and Composite material

Triad Shaft

Special “triad” profile of the shaft. Extra durable for extra performance.

DELTA blade

XL blade for biggest shots. Precurved – easy to play. Very light. 4,5 degrees open face angle, 8,5 mm concavity, big and powerful blade. 2 material version, NB (normal blade/HDPE material), MBC (medium blade/secret material + carbon).

AVOX blade

New blade with 9.5mm big concavity and aggressive open face angle for better shots. Stiff heel, upper frame and special ribs in nose for easy and simple “pocket” modification.


Stiffness of carbon combined with the flexibility of polymer gives you the ultimate performance! Material – MBC (medium blade/secret material + carbon).


The upper side of oval is flat about 5mm, in which case it has better feel to the hand.



From high-end Mitsu Carbon T2200
to Composite R500. We also use two different resin, EVO-resin and TRX-resin. Oxdog has it all.


We have created a unique marking system that tells the shaftkick speed. More speed, more power to the shots. UltraFast, SuperFast and MediumFast. We call this OXDOG Shaftkick


Revolutionary 2 AXLE Multi-power Hybrid shaft for best shooting power and accuracy. The two compressed POWER RAILS transfer the power faster than any shaft to the flex zone. We call these OXDOG PowerRails



Power rails in the middle of shaft and below upper hand. Double Effect. We call these OXDOG DoublePowerRails


V shaped dips crafted in the shaft surface boosts the power and add torsion stiffnes. Visual element that brings the high performance touch and feel and creates better impact tolerance. We call these OXDOG V-Dips


The two elliptical compressed areas gather the power to the flex zone and give a faster kick and maximum power to the shot. We call this OXDOG Tipkick



1,5 degree Tipshape close to the blade for best kick. More power and better handling. Blade will be in better position and it will reduce the need for hook. We call this OXDOG Tipshape


Curve shaft

Medium curve shape fit for all players. Double Power Rails gives more power.


DW-Grip (DoubleWrapGrip) has separate wrapping grips for upper hand and lower hand. Then upperhand grip is easy to change.



W1P-Grip (Wrap+1PieceGrip) has wrap grip in upper hand, witch can change easily. Lower hand have sticky and durable 1Piece grip.


SBS (StickBalanceSystem)

Set the balance by adding or removing the weight in the endcap. You can move the balance point up to 45mm. Available in 20g weight.